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My Experience with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

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This is more of an Opinion Piece than a Review, but I’m still gonna tag it as a Review, because I can. :3

A Few Months ago I started renting a Flip 4 from Grover and honestly? I love it. I’ve been using it as my Daily Driver since I started renting it back around May and I genuinely prefer it and it’s form factor over a normal smartphone.

Since I’ve managed to crack my Pixel 6 Pro’s screen around a Year ago, I’ve been getting more Familiar and Comfortable with OneUI, thanks to my Employer’s IT Department lending me a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G they didn’t need anymore. So I was using that as my Daily for a while and eventually decided to try out the Flip 4, since I can choose a new Phone when my current Phone Contract renews. Plus, I wanted to try Grover for a while anyways and I figured this would be a good way to do so, especially since the Flip 4 wasn’t that expensive to rent for (planned) 3 Months.

Overall, I’m SO glad I tried it. Obviously my favorite Feature is the fact that it folds, it takes up a lot less space in my Pockets, while also feeling like it’s a lot less likely to fall out of my Pockets when I sit down or drive on a rather bumpy road.

A lot of People are really put off by the crease in the middle of the Screen, but honestly? I don’t even notice it anymore. I don’t know how it is for others, but I only touch the bottom half of my Screen actively, the top part only gets touched when I get a Notification or when I need to tap on something that’s on the top half of the Screen. So the crease doesn’t bother me at all, especially because I never drag my fingers over it.

My only real complaint is the fact that the Flip 4’s Inner Screen is rather easy to damage, as it’s made out of a honestly rather soft plastic-y material. I’ve managed to accidentally kill a few Pixels the Size of, essentially, the Camera Cutout by having a Piece of Metal smack it. Other than that it’s nice to touch, and just using your Finger to scroll through stuff won’t kill it, just make sure to not dig your Nails into it, because that will definetly leave a literal dent.

The small Outer Screen is nice, though I mostly use it to check the Time, see if I have any Notifications, or to skip a song. I don’t really use it for anything else, as it’s just too small to be useful for anything else for me.

I’m definitely going to miss using the Flip 4, especially because I’m so used to everything about it now, but I’m probably going to get the Flip 5 when my Contract renews, as I’m just really enjoying everything about the Flip and the Bigger Screen on the 5 is just gonna make everything so much nicer.

I got to try out the Fold 5 in a Saturn Store a week ago as well, and while it’s nice, I just don’t like the Fold’s Dimensions that much. It’s just too narrow when it’s folded for me to comfortably use it for typing. I’d love to try out the Pixel Fold since it’s a LOT wider than the Fold Series, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get my hands on one of those anytime soon as it seems to be constantly sold out/unavailable on Grover.

If you think I could word something better, or if you have any Questions, feel free to send me an Email or @ me on Bluesky.